Saturday, May 2, 2009

{ And we're back... }

OK, I didn't say how often I would blog! LOL (I've been trying to improve my picture-taking skills!)

I did this darling Transparency Card for my March card-making class. I used PP from Heidi Grace's 'Sweetest Bug' Line...which I adore! I did use my Cricut to cut my Sassy Lady Bug; but, you wouldn't have to...She's just half circles!

The trick to this 'nested' Transparency Card is adhesive placement. Since the pieces of PP nest, you only want to use adhesive where it will be covered up by the piece in front of it.

This style of Card consists of 4 pieces of PP, in this order, largest to smallest: back side of back flap, inside of back flap, back side of front flap and front of card. (I always get so caught up with the PP that I forget that you need a place for inside sentiment, so I generally have to add a piece of CS to the inside of the back flap, on top of the PP). This is a view of the inside of the Card (with said piece of CS for sentiment, lol):

Sorry about the glare, but it actually helps you to see the Card base better! In this case, you would only want to put adhesive on the back piece, which is flowers, where it will be covered by the blue lady bug paper. Here is the back of the Card:

If you use something with words, be sure you face them upwards!

I purchase archival quality transparency sheets in the Drafting/Art department of my local hobby store. Some people use transparencies purchased at an office supply store, but they are not archival quality. I feel that if you spend a lot of time creating a special card for a special person, you will want it to last! (maybe that's just me!!) I cut the transparency down to the card size I want...just like I would a piece of CS.

If you find that you have adhered a rectangle piece crooked on the transparency, I suggest that you continue to adhere your rectangles so they line up; its likely no one will notice they are not centered on the transparency, which you could always trim after the card is complete.

Also, you can use a black permanent marker to made little black dots or ‘faux’ stitching along some of the edges of the transparency (an alcohol-based hand sanitizer will remove any mistakes). If you use regular ink, it will not dry on the transparency.

Have fun and thanks for looking!!


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