Saturday, May 15, 2010

{ Got Freezer Paper? }

I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since National Scrapbook Day (NSD). A week before NSD, I decided that for the NSD-Eve Cricut Crop at Croppertunities, we'd do some Freezer Paper T-shirts. The examples I had seen on the Cricut MB some time ago were darling. So, I watched a couple videos, reviewed written instructions, made several trips to Hobby Lobby as their T-shirts were on sale for half price, researched the 'Center Point' Function on the Cricut, bought fabric paint and Reynolds Freezer Paper...and dusted off my iron.

I made one for practice, but didn't take a picture. From that one, I learned to not be wimpy on the ironing. Here's the result:

I cropped the pic pretty severely, not to hide anything on the T-shirt itself, but because I hung it on the fridge to snap the pic and I wanted to hide all the magnets, notepads, menus, etc. lol

I was pretty pleased with the result. You might notice the faux "brooch". Once I completed the painting of my masterpiece, I s l u n g black paint from my foam brush along the top of the T-shirt. I bet the expression on my face was hilarious. So, I thought... "Ok, if this was a card and you only had one piece of that paper, what would you do?"... A bandaid! I'd cover it up with an embellishment! And, I did.

I have added a Download Page to my sidebar. My Freezer Paper T-shirt instructions are available for download there. Also, if you Google "Freezer Paper T-shirts", you will find a lot of videos, which are very helpful.

Give these a try. I think the possibilities are endless!

Friday, May 14, 2010

{ Inspiration and a Download }

Those who know me know I am not only obsessed with my Cricut(s) but have become obsessed with the Cuttlebug as well. Embossing adds texture, dimension and interest; the embossing folders are cheap; and the machine is easy to use and transport.

I've heard that you can use other companies' dies and embossing folders in the Cuttlebug and the instruction manual does give limited instruction on that, but it seems like there are SO many dies/folders of varying sizes, what plates do you use with the different dies or folders?

I was perusing Splitcoaststampers (SCS) the other day and stumbled onto something. First, I must say that even if you don't stamp, SCS is a GREAT place for inspiration and instruction. There are card galleries, tutorials, a message board, etc. When I am looking for instructions for a new card "fold", that's where I go because someone will have posted a tutorial. Go check them out!

So, anyway, an amazing woman named Cat has compiled a list of Cuttlebug "sandwich stacks". Basically, for many of the different dies/folders out there, she lists her recipe for the "sandwich" of plates, dies/folders, paper and anything else necessary to get a good result. I have downloaded the list and plan to use it soon as I have purchased other dies/folders but have not used them!

Visit Cat's website => HERE <=. On the right hand side of her page is a link for "Download Freebies". That's where you will find a link for Cuttlebug Sandwich Stacks. That takes you to the thread on the SCS MB where she has the PDF file available to download. Click on that file and save it on your computer where you can reference it later.

If you have time, read through that particular thread on the SCS MB. It contains helpful information relating to the use of your Cuttlebug. Some Dos and Don'ts, what to expect, etc.

Thanks Cat!!!!!!

{ Holy Smokes! }

I think we all struggle with masculine cards. I was inspired by THIS post by shersimm on the Cricut MB to make this darling "Man Card":

All cuts are from the From My Kitchen (FMK) cart with the exception of the "smoke", which is from Paper Doll Dress Up (PDDU). If I remember correctly, the smoke belongs to a genie lamp. PDDU is full of wonderful little things like this!

The patterned paper is 'Sunday Picnic' from Cosmo Cricket's 'Garden Variety' line.

I'd like to thank my Posse for consulting on this card. Without their help, it wouldn't have been fabulous!

I'll be back later, I hope!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

{ A2 "Go To" }

I have had several requests for A2 cards & envelopes. So, I made an envelope template and decided to teach one A2 Card in both my 3-Card and 5-Card classes each month. For those who don't know, an A2 Card is half of an 8.5" X 11" piece of paper and measures 4.25" X 5.5" when folded.

The idea behind these "Go To" A2s is a quick & easy Card that uses one piece of double-sided patterned paper for both the Card front and the Envelope...and a half of a piece of 8.5" X 11" cardstock for the Card base, as I said. So, quick, easy...and CUTE. I also thought of calling these "Frugal and Fabulous". LOL

The hardest thing about doing these is not embellishing them to death! But, I have managed so far. Feast your eyes on these babies:

Ok, so I broke my own rule on the first card. This Daisy D's patterned paper is clearly not double-sided, so I had to do an Envelope liner...and...I...kind of...matted the patterned paper on the card. But look how pretty it is! And its still simple and classy (if I do say so myself). I'm happy to say that the picture actually does do it justice. The butterfly is from the Hannah Montana cartridge. I think this would be a lovely "Thinking of You" card, don't you?

This uses Graphic 45's Triumphant from the Renaissance Faire line, which is double-sided. With some planning, I was able to cut the paper for my Envelope in such a way that a portion of what remained made sense for a "How in the World Are Ya?" card. Ta Da!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 10, 2010

{ Some Enabling }

Custom Crops has some good deals on Cricut cartridges (view HERE).

Oh My Crafts has good deals on Cuttlebug items, which they are calling either "deadstock" or discontinued (view HERE).

I recommend checking each of these sites frequently for both "deals" and notification of new products. Or, sign up for their emails and get that information sent directly to your inbox. Oh My Crafts usually has a "code" that enables you to receive 15% to 20% off their listed prices, or free shipping, etc. I have ordered from both of these companies many times and feel they are reliable retailers.

Finally, I am going to send you to Diane's blog Capadia Designs for what I think is a leak of pics of new cartridges. I cannot find the items she has shown on the Custom Crops site. I think they might have made a booboo. But, she has screenshots from several new carts that look DARLING! Take a look HERE!

Have a great evening!

{ Cricut Color Inks }

Which are also sometimes called Cricut Markers...

Several Ladies at the Cuttlebug Challenge Blog recently did some Mother's Day projects using the Cricut Color Inks. Take a look at the projects they created HERE. In that post, Diane Campbell from Capadia Designs provides tips as well as an interesting project. She is amazing, as usual!

I have noticed that my local Wal-Mart(s) have had the Cricut Color Inks on clearance recently. So, that would be a good place to look for them and get them cheaply...just to try. I have also noticed clearance Cricut cartridges. So, you might take a spin through the scrapbook section the next time you go to Wal-Mart!

I'll be back later, I hope...