Saturday, May 15, 2010

{ Got Freezer Paper? }

I can't believe it's been over 2 weeks since National Scrapbook Day (NSD). A week before NSD, I decided that for the NSD-Eve Cricut Crop at Croppertunities, we'd do some Freezer Paper T-shirts. The examples I had seen on the Cricut MB some time ago were darling. So, I watched a couple videos, reviewed written instructions, made several trips to Hobby Lobby as their T-shirts were on sale for half price, researched the 'Center Point' Function on the Cricut, bought fabric paint and Reynolds Freezer Paper...and dusted off my iron.

I made one for practice, but didn't take a picture. From that one, I learned to not be wimpy on the ironing. Here's the result:

I cropped the pic pretty severely, not to hide anything on the T-shirt itself, but because I hung it on the fridge to snap the pic and I wanted to hide all the magnets, notepads, menus, etc. lol

I was pretty pleased with the result. You might notice the faux "brooch". Once I completed the painting of my masterpiece, I s l u n g black paint from my foam brush along the top of the T-shirt. I bet the expression on my face was hilarious. So, I thought... "Ok, if this was a card and you only had one piece of that paper, what would you do?"... A bandaid! I'd cover it up with an embellishment! And, I did.

I have added a Download Page to my sidebar. My Freezer Paper T-shirt instructions are available for download there. Also, if you Google "Freezer Paper T-shirts", you will find a lot of videos, which are very helpful.

Give these a try. I think the possibilities are endless!


  1. These were fun to make. I washed and dryed mine and the glitter didn't even come off. Molly trained us well on NSD!

  2. Been dying to try one of these. Love the pink and black and great save on the smudge. I'd never have known. xxD


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