Monday, August 9, 2010

{ Have a KILLER Birthday}

I have always loved to read.  I went to the bookstore a couple weeks ago and got a few new books.  But, I learned something.  New books = nothing else getting done.  I just cannot put down a new book.  Sigh.  Not really a good thing.

Today's Card was difficult to make.  I finally decided that it was because I don't spend my spare time at the beach...I spend it at the MALL! lol

I was inspired by the faboo Maren Benedict, who made THIS killer Card.  I thought the concept was very different and fun.  I wanted to put a twist on it, though.  I decided a pinwheel Card would be a good way to express my Sentiment:

I used the Life is a Beach (LIAB) cart (which is a summer must have, btw) for the ca-ute shark. I needed something both cute and menacing and he completely fit the bill!

I used Wild Card for the sun, Zooballoo for the waves, Paper Doll Dress Up for the sand.  Now, by  turning the wheel, Sentiment TWO is revealed:

 And, finally getting to the killer part, Sentiment THREE:

I lightly inked the waves in white.  Also, it's a little hard to see in the pic, but I inked the shark teeth in white and "colored" them with a white gel pen.  Then, I covered them with Diamond Glaze to make them stand out a little more.

The "sand" is actually Ultra Fine Flower Soft, called, appropriately enough, 'Sand'.  lol

The Card itself  is a cut from Wild Card,  and I have used it before.  However, this time, I decided I would create my own, CDS.  I don't know why I wanted to reinvent the wheel.

Ok, that's it...have a killer day!

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  1. love your card. would love the details on making the spinner part


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